Campus Life

Campus on a tour is designed for prospective students. You will observe the functioning of the school, it’s facilities and student life. Meet our admissions representative to learn more about our programs and decide what is best for you.


Visit to Premier Institutes

Visits to various premier academics research institutes will definitely enhance their research attitude and aptitude.

Practical implementation of concepts is the most effective tool for learning. Although classroom learning may provide them an opportunity to apply their learning on hypothetical situations, an educational tour, on the other hand, makes students face real-life problems. Coming up with solutions makes them innovative thinkers. When learning is accompanied by fun, excitement, and enjoyment, it stops being burdensome and boring and students learn as a part of their natural growing up process.

Orientation to Startup Projects

Orienting these students to prepare startup initiatives and projects to meet with challenges and technological expansion facilitated with the contemporary life frame.

Personality and Leadership Training

Well designed and organized empowering programs in leadership and personality distinguish the charm of identity. Debate, group discussion, public speech, seminar, etc will redouble the fragrance of their personal integrity.

Social Service

There are many social service options available in the campus.

Reforming each student as a promise for the society with service mindedness and empathy is a hallmark of our institute. Compulsory social service is an inevitable part of our course and imparting the lessons of social commitment, promptness and dedication assuredly create better humans for better world.

Moral Values

For enculturing the moral values of each individual, Phase Markaz International School provide workshops for enhancing human and spiritual values, training for enhancing social values, training programmes for personality development, sessions on improving public speech and service days.

The Campus Experience

Like a shining star in the sky, the Kondotty – based Ansarul Islam Charitable Trust spreads light and wisdom in the state of Kerala through its multifarious educational and cultural activities. Throughout it’s great history, Phase Markaz has offered access to a wide range of academic opportunities. As a world leader in higher education, the School has pioneered changes in the educational sector.

Nutrient Diet

Our Dietitian provides delicious, healthy and nutritious diet to manage the most suitable physical and mental condition for achieving academic pursuit of the students


Humongous collection of academic and literature books, periodicals, magazines and journalism stuff the racks of PMIS library. Our library is operated on a need based approach to overcome goldilocksing


We provide peaceful, prosperous and well structured separate hostel facilities for boys and girls to enable the most fruitful learning ambiance.


The state of the art laboratory equipped with the sophisticated aids from multi-disciplinary streams provides hands own training on experiential learning

Safety and Security

School security encompasses all measures taken to combat threats to people and property in education environments.

Fitness Hub

It is a place where students can free from the stress of study to their well-disciplined learning environment for their better mental and physical health. We provide Gymnasium and fitness center,  Swimming pool , Badminton ,Basketball ,Volleyball, Shuttle court, Table tennis, Billiards

The Phase Markaz prepares students to understand, contribute to, and succeed in a rapidly changing society, thus making the world a better and more just place.

T Arif AliChairman, AICT