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Phase Markz’s History

Like a shining star in the sky, the Kondotty – based Ansarul Islam Charitable Trust spreads light and knowledge in the state of Kerala through its multifarious educational and cultural activities. Formed by a group of intellectuals, academics and social reformers, led by Kondotty Abdurrahman Sahib, the AICT was instrumental in uplifting Muslims and other backward communities in Kondotty and its neighboring areas. Since its formation in 1967, the Trust has been running a number of educational and religious institutions. AICT’s MarkazulUloom English Senior Secondary School has become an outstanding educational institution in the state, providing students with the best academic ambience and state of the art facilities.

The Trust runs the Center for Career Guidance (CCG), The Academy, Tailoring and Design Institute for Women and Al MadrasathulIslamiya.

The CCG has been playing a remarkable role in training students for various educational and joboriented exams, thereby helping thousands of young men and women get employed at public and private organizations.

The Academy, which was founded in 2017 aims to prepare students for IAS and KAS exams. The Junior Academy offers civil service foundation courses and coaching for national level talent tests. AIC Trust spearheaded the modernization of Kondotty and its surrounding areas by producing a large number of doctors, engineers, executives, teachers and public servants. Many of its Alumni members hold important positions at reputable organizations in India and abroad. The AIC Trust is all poised to continue its march to become a center of excellence for educational and social development.

Message from Chairman

Moulding a generation by setting goals in life and equipping them to unfold their caliber is a major task we have shouldered. It is really a window to the endless galaxy of the career world. Ensuring distinguished faculties, we aim matchless results in our students. Unveiling a wide range of possibilities in science, humanities, and commerce, we are committed to producing a generation with unparalleled determination, dedication, and distinctiveness.

T Arifali
Chairman, AICT

Teaching Methodology

A student-friendly atmosphere is maintained and ensured to helps students concentrate on their studies in our school. They will enjoy a special learning experience devoid of stress while a study pace of motivation is kept throughout the course.


The Phase Markaz International School has a team of experienced and specialized faculties. The guidance counselling sessions of the dedicated faculty not only help the students to achieve a better performance in examinations but also boost up their morality.


We strive to shape the students into agents of social change, who in their turn will help shape a society based on justice, truth, and love. Our schools prepare students to be committed men and women who can face the challenges of our time and also give glory to God by their dedicated service to humanity.


Making future generations committed to the society with their competence, discipline and service mindedness.


Inspiring the students by giving them quality education and training to excel in competitive fields.

Powerful Alumni

The alumni associations influence the schools, they support in a big way, year in and year out. Their general mission is to strengthen the school, offer potential students scholarships, develop mentoring relationships with the student body, and often support research or expansion through philanthropic gifts.