Phase Markaz International School Welcome to We aim to create an extraordinary school Science, Commerce, Humanities Admission Open to We aim to create an extraordinary school Phase Markaz International School Welcome to We aim to create an extraordinary school Science, Commerce, Humanities Admission Open to We aim to create an extraordinary school Phase Markaz International School Welcome to We aim to create an extraordinary school
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We are creating an extraordinary and unique school. Phase Markaz is a bold attempt to ensure quality education by providing advanced academic facilities. It will unfold wide opportunities for higher studies in Science, Commerce and Humanities streams. The new International Residential School offers a perfect blend of moral and focussed education and a conducive residential atmosphere. It aims to build a community with a strong sense of responsibility. We are hopeful and confident of taking a new road and imparting a novel learning experience.

Making future generations committed to the society with their competence, discipline and service mindedness.

Global Connect

We provide global experience to our students to kindle their multilingual and intersocial academic experience. The visit to foreign academic institutes of excellence will pave the way to lux their future.

Study material

Our study materials are enriched with scientific and reliable contents in tune with psychological basis. This world-class curriculum will nurture the students to adapt with global academic challenges.

Continous and Comprehensive Evaluation

As a part of the sequential of students, the progress in their aptitude is well monitored through periodical tests, which covers the 360-degree assessment of each student.


The international language training enables the students to pursue their higher education, career in world-class universities, research institute and multinational companies.

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Like a shining star in the sky, the Kondotty – based Ansarul Islam Charitable Trust spreads light and knowledge in the state of Kerala through its multifarious educational and cultural activities. Formed by a group of intellectuals, academics and social reformers, led by Kondotty Abdurrahman Sahib, the AICT was instrumental in uplifting Muslims and other backward communities in Kondotty and its neighboring areas.

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  • My experiences in Markaz, without any doubt, prepared me well for my role as a self styled entrepreneur. Studying at Markaz helped me develop the critical thinking skills I use each day when making decisions to management, developing new ideas, or utilizing new business strategies. In its simplest form, studying here helped me develop a mindset focused on the principles of supreme value, perseverance , as well as an emphasis on humanitarian services.

    Markaz enhanced my ability to apply theoretical knowledge within real life context. For me, this has resulted in the development of a foundation for understanding how to take efforts on issues that are directly or indirectly contributing to the outcomes that we want to observe. In my current role, as the Managing Director and Project Manager of One Desk Constructions LLP, I am responsible for different scales of analysis. But I strongly believe every decision that I take has an impact on society- thanks to the noble ideals I gained from Markaz. In addition, because of the nature of my role, not only do I work closely with lots of people, but also have to deal with different situations. The standards of Markaz have always come handy at these points where I normally would have encountered Moral dilemmas.

    Managing Director and Project Manager of One Desk Constructions LLP
  • I am proud to be a markazian , the disciplined 10 years life in markaz added a lot to my disciplined professional uniform service.I became the person I am today because of The Markaz School.

    Mohammed Ameen M
  • My experience in the Markaz was tremendous. I really am indebted to the curriculum which was very challenging but rewarding. My schooling in Markaz provided an ideal blend of practical knowledge with the right amount of academic support. I had many teachers here who inspired my best efforts and who helped me greatly. They provided the needed challenge in each course, but not without the support to succeed spiritually and materially.

    I use the moral values and beliefs dearly earned from Markaz in my workplace every day. I am the part of Amazon India which is a Multinational Conglomerate. I serve as a “Subject Matter Expert” here. Earlier I was associated with Facebook. Not only did the curriculum prepare me for a demanding career, but the ever widening Markaz network introduced me to mentors for a lifetime. I owe Markaz a great deal and I am confident that those students who take their courses seriously, and plan their life thoughtfully would surely benefit a lot from here.

    Ashfaque Ali PE
    Risk Investigation Specialist - Arabic, Amazon India